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Individualized Education



When a new situation arises in life, you may need new information that you have not considered. An individualized education plan may help address immediate needs and plan for the future. If you'd like individualized education, our team is available to provide 1:1 or group classes as needed.    

Maternal & Baby Essentials Access


Sometimes it's hard to make ends meet, no matter the socioeconomic status. Clients in need of essentials for themselves or their children may request items  through completion of our training modules or support sessions. We'll do our best to help look for items that are not in our Community Closet too!

Social Support


No woman should endure crises situations alone. If you are struggling with recent life changes or external factors outside of  your control, you may connect with a social support advocate to share your experiences and ask for direction without judgment. It's okay to not be okay sometimes, and you now have a safe space to talk about it.

Rapid Referrals


Outside of established health and wealth organizations, you may not know what you need until you need it.  You may not be aware of the external social risks that may impact your day-to-day life. After identifying your needs, you may be referred to community-based programs that can meet you where you are and help. 

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