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Beach Praise


Our mission is to re-present God to women facing crisis.

Our vision is shared testimonies that transform lives.


The Message: You are not alone.

Women are most vulnerable while experiencing crisis, grief, loss, or a major life transition. Many resources exist, but few can get to the heart of what's needed on an individual level. Purpose Point for Women, Inc. exists to give women a safe space to process & connect to what they need when they need it. Together is better.

Additional Supports We Offer

With each support group or educational class attended, participants gain access to our community closet. Opportunities include:

Support Groups (Domestic Violence; Recovery; Divorce; Grief Support)

1:1 Maternal Health Education (6 Modules)

1:1 Parenting Classes (6 Modules)

Health and Nutrition (6 Modules)

Perspectives Program (6 Modules)

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