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We'll Meet You Where You Are.

Purpose Point for Women, Inc. is a reconciliation ministry dedicated to supporting women experiencing crisis by providing referrals, maternal health resources, and relationships. Connect today, we're here to help!
Healing Hearts. Saving Lives.
Who We Serve



  • Women age18 and over experiencing crisis.

  • Women age 18 and over in need of maternal health resources.

  • Women age 18 and over seeking social support following crisis, grief, loss, or life transition. 


Women are most vulnerable while experiencing crisis, grief, loss, and/or major life transition. We are here to help identify immediate needs to introduce or restore positive perspectives of value, grace, and forgiveness.  

What We Do

We connect with women by phone, teleconference, or in-person to provide the following:

  • Referrals to community-based partners that address immediate needs including, but not limited to, faith, health, wealth, family dynamics, and personal relationships

  • Maternal Health Resources that provide access to immediate needs and baby essentials. 

  • Supportive Relationships to provide a safe space for women to process their experiences and progress. 

Why it Works

Our staff and volunteers provide necessary networks and expanded social support women in need. ​Our clients are able to:

  • Discover immediate needs and gain access to meet those needs.

  • Receive maternal health resources and education.

  • Build relationships with other women in with similar experiences and support.

  • Live in purpose to provide hope for themselves and others.


All Services are

Free of Charge



It is through the support and encouragement from our community & local partners that we are able to help the way we do. If you love the mission, here are some ways you can serve with us:

SEEK: Contact us for more information about our services that can help support someone you know and love. 

SERVE: Connect with us about sharing your talents to help our clients. Together is Better!

SUPPORT: Consider donating items to our community closet or making monetary donations to support our outreach efforts. Click the "DONATE" link to give a one-time donation or become a monthly donor. We appreciate you! 


Click the link below to donate

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